True North Nomination Form

The intent of the award is to thank, honor, and recognize people from outside Alaska who have made lengthy and faithful contributions to the work of the Covenant Church in Alaska through their skills of construction, church ministry or mission trips.
  • Your name here.
  • Your phone number here.
  • Your email here.
  • How might the Alaska Conference office make contact with your nominee if they are selected? Please include a phone number, email address, and/or mailing address for your nominee.
  • We desire to recognize a person who has a lengthy history of service.
  • Emphasis in the narrative should focus on: 1. The number of years the individual has served. 2. Their local church involvement. 3. Their regional involvement, in Alaska.
  • If you've written your page narrative and saved it as a Word document or PDF please upload it here. If you have photos of the nominee in action, this would also be a place to share them.
    Max. file size: 50 MB.