Quyana – Thank you

Quyana! Work is underway in Scammon Bay, praise the Lord!

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An update from Dan Vaughn, in Scammon on July 13, 2016:

Greetings from Scammon Bay!  Our project continues to move forward at an excellent pace.  We are on schedule while ensuring we still find time to help the community with home projects and participate in adventures with people from the village.
The arctic entry is largely complete and our latest team added the two bedroom addition in record time.  It’s amazing to see an area of mud and grass transformed to a two bedroom addition.  The current work team is really talented in a number of trades and “turning several stumbling blocks into stepping stones” along the way. Their creative ideas resulted in modifications that are great improvements, like keeping the existing stairs so it is easier for folks with mobility problems to access the attic.  The inside is already feeling noticeably cozier as insulation is increasingly added, layer upon layer.
Adventures with the community continue. We were the happy recipients of fresh duck, which necessitated a quick education in plucking.  Duck, I found out, is tasty and similar to dark turkey meat.  Several team members were able to observe a whale hunt, which is quite a rare opportunity, yet a normal part of subsistence living here.  A member of the work team spent his day-off remodeling a toilet, that was on a significantly deteriorated floor.  This also required re-plumbing for a new toilet.  The home owners wife is elated.  And then there are the daily discussions between all as we build relationships.
Thanks, Dan

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Below is a video from the Scammon Bay Covenant Church parsonage, where Pastor Jason Stromstad resides. The house is not level, as this video demonstrates. We are excited to say that summer 2016, through a partnership between Alaska Conference, Harbor Covenant Church, the Pacific Northwest Conference, and most importantly, Scammon Bay, the parsonage will be made level. Not only that, but an extensive refurbishing project will be completed to ensure that Pastor Jason has healthy and adequate housing to care for his needs. We are grateful for those who have partnered financially and for those who plan to partner with their skills and talents this summer. Plans are in the making. For now, we want to give thanks to God for his provision through the body of Christ!

Together, we can #stopthebattery

Scammon Bay Parsonage from Alaska Conference on Vimeo.