True North Award


At the January 2013 General Council meeting, President Keith Hamilton of Alaska Christian College introduced an idea to the ECCAK General Council (now the Executive Board of the Alaska Conference) to establish an award or recognition similar to the Daniel Savetilik Award, for non-Alaska people. The intent of the award is to thank, honor and recognize people who have had lengthy and faithful contribution to the work of the Covenant Church in Alaska through their skills of construction, church ministry or mission trips.


Nominations can be made by members of Covenant Churches or ministries associated with the Alaska Conference. Nominations should be a one page narrative description of the contributions of the individual.

Emphasis in the narrative should focus on:

  1. The number of years the individual has served.
  2. Their local church involvement.
  3. Their regional involvement, in Alaska.

Nominations should include first and last name of nominee and first and last name of the person submitting the name with telephone and email. This will help in case there are some questions about the nomination narrative.

Nomination Forms

Selection Process

  1. Nominations are to be submitted to the Alaska Conference office which will compile the nominations
  2. The Superintendent will present candidates to the Executive Board for approval at a meeting prior to the conference Annual Meeting.
  3. The Alaska Conference Executive Board will review the nominations and select one person for the award.
    • The Executive Board approved the idea of giving an award when a worthy candidate is presented, but it would not be on an annual basis. This award is a way to express gratitude and friendship for their faithful contributions
  4. The person will be presented to the Annual Meeting for recognition and acceptance of the award.