Ministerial Association

COMS Meetings

The COMS convenes twice each year. The spring meeting is scheduled for the day before the Annual Meeting begins while the fall meeting is held the day the Pastor/Leader Retreat begins. The purpose of these meetings is to conduct interviews and recommend candidates for ordination and commissioning and ministerial license.


Fall 2019

Committee on Ministerial Standing (COMS)

  • Chair Phil Cannon, Planting Pastor, Mountain View Hope Covenant (to 2020)
  • Rick Millikin, Lead Pastor, Mat-Su Covenant, Wasilla (to 2022)
  • Ben Schoffmann, Lead Pastor, Chugach Covenant, Anchorage (to 2021)
  • Todd Michero, Lead Pastor, Community Covenant, Eagle River (ex-officio, to 2020 when his first term as chair of the AC Ministerium is completed, may be renewed at that time)
  • Curtis Ivanoff, Superintendent, Alaska Conference Office (ex-officio)
Good Standing

To maintain good standing, a credentialed Covenant minister must do the following:

  • Pay annual dues (see tab below) to the treasurer of the conference in which the minister serves. Status can be checked by contacting one’s conference ministerium treasurer.
  • Military Chaplains should contact the Ministerium’s Executive Committee treasurer; missionaries should contact World Mission.
  • Complete a current profile on CovConnect. The profile should be updated every 3 years in order to qualify as “current.” Click here.
  • Complete the Vocational Growth Tool (VGT) each year. The VGT is found under the resources tab within CovConnect. Click here.
  • Maintain regular healthy connections with ECC ministerial colleagues. This can be achieved in a number of creative ways from attendance at retreats and Midwinter to regular phone or Skype conversations.
Dues and Exemptions

According to the Department of the Ordered Ministry and the Covenant Ministerium Bylaws, all full members are dues eligible. Dues are paid to the Conference Ministerial Association where you are serving, annually, by April 1.

The Alaska Conference Ministerial Association is all the active clergy, missionaries and retired ministers who are ordained, commissioned or hold ministerial license in The Evangelical Covenant Church, and who are serving and/or living within the geographic boundaries of the Alaska Conference. Currently, there are around 40 members in the Association. Said members pay annual dues which are divided between the Conference Association and the denominational Covenant Ministerium.

Payment of dues is mandatory in order to maintain your ministerial credentials and your standing in the Alaska Conference Ministerial Association and the Covenant Ministerium. The Board of the Ordered Ministry will remove the credentials of those who owe dues for multiple years. Your place of Ministry will be contacted if you fail to pay your dues in an orderly manner. More FAQs.


  • Annual Dues:  $95
  • You may mail a check to: "AC Ministerium"
    • The name has changed to Alaska Conference Ministerium
  • Please send payment to:
    AC Ministerium
    c/o Rick Millikin
    700 N. Bunker Hill St.
    Wasilla, AK 99654


  • $75  forwarded on to the denomination's Covenant Ministerium
    • Your inclusion with this association allows you to help strengthen and encourage pastors across the country and to claim clergy status on your federal taxes, to be eligible for Sustaining Pastoral Excellence grants, to request scholarships to Midwinter, or help in times of financial need.
  • $20 Conference Ministerial Association


  • Military chaplains
  • Retired Pastors (only if fully retired)
  • Inactive
  • Licensed Theological Student, and
  • Non-Covenant credentialed ministers.

If there is a financial need or hardship or if you are "Active – Not Serving" you may also request an exemption. There is a process for granting a one year exemption. Make your written request to the Covenant Ministerium by writing to


Executive Committee

  • Chair Todd Michero, Lead Pastor, Community Covenant, Eagle River, Contact Todd
  • Vice Chair Sean Hoffbeck, VP of Operations, Alaska Christian College, Soldotna
  • Secretary/Treasurer Rick Millikin, Lead Pastor, Mat-Su Covenant, Wasilla
  • Curtis Ivanoff, Superintendent, Alaska Conference Office (ex-officio)

Keep us up to date with your personal or ministry setting changes of address, staffing notes, etc. by completing the form below 

Such information should also be sent to the Department of the Ordered Ministry at ministry(at)

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