Healing Prayer in Shaktoolik

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Upcoming Course: Healing Prayer
Date:  March 26-30, 2018
Location:  Shaktoolik Evangelical Covenant Church
Program Fee:  $150.00 <<PAY HERE>>

Prayer is the most powerful gift our Lord has given us – use it!

Prayer – with an emphasis on healing.

The focus of this class is to learn and understand that Jesus heals today, just as he did in the book of Acts. In this class, we will cover all forms of healing of body, mind, and soul. We will explore the Scriptures in relation to the topics of generational healing, healing of trauma and abuse, inner vows and bitter root judgements, blessings and curses, forgiveness, intercession, physical healing, inner healing, and much more. We will also examine the many forms of prayer and how to use them in the church.

Course texts:

  • The Bible (NIV or NRSV preferred)
  • “The Sword of the Spirit” by Joy Lamb
    This will be supplied to each student at the time of the class, to be used as a reference tool.

Pre-Course Work: Review and meditate on Scriptures to be presented and prepared to discuss each one in the context of Jesus’ healing today.

During Class: Active participation in discussion. Praying for each other and sharing events.

After Class: write a 3-page document relating to some of the Scriptures we reviewed and discuss how it can effect our churches, possible ways it could be implemented, and how prayer is currently used in your church and how it might be expanded in the future.





Heather Smith, Facilitator

I was born and raised in Pasadena, California. In 1961 I came to Alaska as a Registered Nurse on a short vacation and met my husband-to-be and never returned to California.

We have three sons, all born in Anchorage. They are all married and living in Anchorage. I am blessed with seven grandchildren, who are all in the Anchorage area. I worked in pediatrics at Providence and then at Anchorage Pediatric Group for 37 years.

At the age of 13 years, I accepted Jesus as my Savior at a Baptist youth camp and have always understood that I was to pray for healing. In 1995 I started to study to become a Commissioned Lay Pastor in the Presbyterian Church. I was Commissioned to serve in 1999. This was the same year that my husband passed away.I retired from Nurseng and began my career in village ministry, always with a focus on healing prayer and raising up native leadership. I served on many short term village assignments, but in 2002 received a call to be a full time solo pastor in the village of Nuiqsut. I served there until 2010.

As I returned to Anchorage, I found the Covenant Church and have been serving at First Covenant as a Bi-vocational Pastor, and now at Community Covenant in Eagle River as a member with a desire to teach and mentor folks in healing prayer and intercession. I have had the opportunity to do some interim and pulpit supply in the Western villages of Golovin, Unalakleet, the Bible Camp there, Elim, and others. I continue to seek God for direction and look forward to serving him for many more years. My focus is on healing prayer and hopefully with our native people.