Daniel Savetilik, Sr. Annual Lay Ministry Award


This award was instituted at the ECCAK Annual Meeting in Koyuk, Alaska, Mar. 6, 2003. The intent of this award is to annually recognize local Covenant lay persons who have made significant contribution to ministry in Alaska over many years of faithful service. The award is named after Daniel Savetilik, Sr. a faithful leader and servant for many years in the Shaktoolik Covenant Church.


Each church/institution can nominate one individual. Nominations should be made in writing and submitted to the Alaska Conference office in early February of each year. Nominations can be made by filling out this ONLINE FORM  or submitted in a one-page document by mail or email to include:

  1. Number of years the individual has served. The idea is to recognize a person(s) who has a lengthy history of service.
  2. Local church involvement. How have they faithfully been serving and in what capacity?
  3. Regional involvement. In what ways has this person influenced and served their region?

Include first and last name of nominee and first and last name of the person submitting the name with telephone and email. This will help in case there are some questions about the nomination narrative.

Nomination Forms

  • Online Nomination Form
  • Word Document: Daniel Savetilik Sr., Annual Award
    • Email submissions to: info@alaskacovenant.org
    • Mail submissions to: Alaska Conference Office, PO Box 200446, Anchorage, AK 99520

    Selection Process

    1. Nomination forms will be submitted to the Alaska Conference Executive Board once they are received in the Alaska Conference office.
    2. The Superintendent will present candidates to the Executive Board for approval at a meeting prior to the conference Annual Meeting.
    3. The Alaska Conference Executive Board will review the nominations and select one person for the award annually.
    4. The person will be presented to the Annual Meeting for recognition and acceptance of the award.


Year Received: Full Name (Home Town) Location Presented
2004: Maggie Olson (Golovin) Eagle River
2005: Alfred Adams (Koyuk) Mountain Village
2006: David Kaganak (Scammon Bay) Unalakleet
2007: Irene Kavairlook (Koyuk) Fairbanks
2008: Byron Ulak (Scammon Bay) Alaska Christian College, Soldotna
2009: Al & Sharon Finifrock (Soldotna) Hooper Bay
2010: Lloyd & Chris Perrigo (Nome) Nome
2011: Eula David (Bethel) Anchorage
2012: Henry & Hilma Shavings (Anchorage) Unalakleet
2013: Abraham Anasogak (Koyuk) Mekoryuk
2014: Ralph & Gert Fondell (Palmer) Fairbanks
2015: Lydia Weston (Mekoryuk); Ethel Adams, posthumously (Koyuk) Elim
2016: Palmer & Fena Sagoonick (Shaktoolik) Scammon Bay
2017: Linda Towarak (Unalakleet) Eagle River
2018: Jack Brown (Golovin) Nome
2019: John & Carolyn Utteryuk (Scammon Bay), Mountain Village

2020: Heidi Ivanoff (Unalakleet); Virtual