Photos from AKts29

The Leaders and Participants:

  • Betty W. – Sweden
  • Emilia W.  – Sweden
  • Gustaf N. – Sweden
  • Louise V. – Sweden
  • Louise N. – Sweden
  • Jonathan H. – Sweden
  • Hans E. – Sweden
  • Emma A. – Sweden
  • Anton B. – Sweden
  • Alexandra E. – Sweden
  • Daniel G. – Alaska
  • Rebeca P.P. – Ecuador
  • Karla T.S. – Chile

The Leaders:

  • Daniel & Julia S., Sweden
  • Marc & Angela L., Alaska
  • David & Laurie D., Alaska
  • Brenda D. – Alaska
  • Sven M. – Alaska
  • Sureeporn S. – Thailand
  • Elin L. – Sweden
  • Alisa J.- Thailand
  • Josue B.R. – Chile


Future Schools

  • Nicaragua, Fall 2018
  • Congo – Brazzaville, Fall 2018
  • Chile, 2019
  • Mexico, 2019
  • Ecuador, 2019
  • Spain, 2019


Acts29 aspires to be an international multicultural mission movement of young people, whose lives have been discipled and transformed for missional leadership in the Church and in the world.


We are a Discipleship School

We participate in the process of shaping lives in community as we follow Jesus. We do not merely impart knowledge.

We are a Leadership School

We entrust young people with delegated leadership. We mentor and empower them to become servant leaders.

We are a Mission School

We encourage young people to participate in God’s mission of reconciling all things to himself.


The movement began as a partnership between the Iglesia del Pacto Evangélico del Ecuador and the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden. The first school was held in Montecristi, Ecuador in 2004. Since then Chile, Democratic Republic of Congo , Republic of Congo , Finland, India, Mexico, Russia, Spain and Sweden have held schools while additional nations have sent participants.